Becoming a Well-Rounded Individual

Throughout my childhood I was a dancer, an actress, acrobat, cheerleader, pommie, softball player, and I even took on music production for a little while. My parents always encouraged me to try everything and anything that was offered to me and because of that I have become a well-rounded individual. I have taken this advice into college have joined several different organizations.

Camp Wildcat

I am in a club at the University of Arizona called Camp Wildcat. In this club we take underprivileged children on cost-free camping trips to promote higher education as an attainable goal. I joined Camp Wildcat as a sophomore and quickly took on a leadership position on the Executive Board as the Campus Relations Chair. This has helped me gain leadership experience as well as adding to my community service experience.

Eller Ambassadors

I also joined a club at the Eller College of Management called Eller Ambassadors. Through this club we take high school students, parents, and even board members here at Eller on tours around the school. This opportunity has helped me shape my professional persona by making me step out of my comfort zone and start to public speak. I am now comfortable speaking in front of a large audience in presentations.

Business Communications Team Mentor

I am currently a team mentor and preceptor for a class I was in called Business Communications 314. In this class students learn valuable presentation skills and skills to carry yourself better as a business professional. I love being able to watch the students I mentor grow from a student to a real example of a business professional. This was by far my favorite class in college thus far.


Isabelle Wakeham

Isabelle Wakeham

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