15/ 04/ 2019

Hawaii 2019

Hello Blog Babes!

I am beyond excited to share some tips and tricks about traveling to Oahu, Hawaii! I recently took a 4 day trip to the island and fell in love. I also learned some great travel tips while there.

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How long should I plan for?

Obviously, 4 days and 3 nights is not the longest time for a vacation. This did create a somewhat, fast-paced trip. If you are traveling with your SO or a friend group, this may workout perfectly! However, if you are planning a trip with kids or family, I would try to get a longer time, like maybe a full week or so. We felt rushed, but my boyfriend and I are both fast-paced hearts, so idle time does not bode well for us anyway.

What’s on the Schedule for Oahu?

Our daily schedule started around 6am. We always tried to get the most out of our days, so an early wake up was extremely necessary. Below you can see our itinerary for one of the days there. Surprisingly, we actually stuck to it quite well.

6:00 –  Wake Up

7:00 – Hanauma Bay

10:30 – Jungle Tour

12:00 – Lunch

1:00 – Dole Plantation

3:00 – Aquarium

5:15 – Luau @ Aquarium

7:45 – Walk the Waikiki beach

9:00 – Explore Nightlife


To make sure you have enough time to get from place to place, I recommend getting a rental car. We were originally going back and forward with Uber, public transportation, and rental cars; we decided that having our own car will give us the freedom to go explore random parts of the island if we wanted to.

Luau Details

As I am sure you already know, no trip to Hawaii is complete without a Luau to attend. We chose the Ka Moana Luau at the Sea Life Park. We loved this Luau. It had an amazing Hawaiian Buffet, a great show complete with fire dancing, and even had activities to interact with like making headbands or learning about certain Hawaiian traditions. It also came with a free Sea Life Park ticket for the same day, or following day.

Tours We Recommend

My favorite tour we did while on the island was the Kualoa Ranch Jungle Expedition Tour. This tour took us through a jungle part of the island while we learned about wildlife, traditions, and even saw some sets from movies that were filmed at Kuala Ranch! It was so fun to experience all of this and see beautiful views of the island from the tops of the mountains. This is definitely a must-do for every trip to Oahu!

We also visited the Dole Plantation to make sure we got a taste of the Hawaiian Dole Whip. While there we got to watch someone open a pineapple the “correct” way which blew our minds. There are tours available here as well, however, we didn’t give ourselves enough time to complete them, so we just walked around ourselves.

Overall, we loved our mini Oahu trip and will definitely be back again the future.

Thanks for reading!


14/ 01/ 2019

New York 2.0

Because of my amazing business school, the Eller College of Management, I was given the opportunity to travel to New York to go on a study tour and attend NRF’s Big Show. This experience was a once in a lifetime chance to visit companies like H&M, Winston Retail, Macy’s, and Dolce and Gabbana.


My favorite company that we visited was Dolce and Gabbana. I have always thought I would like to work in a luxury fashion house (I mean who wouldn’t?!); however, I thought it may have been too out of reach for me. During this visit, we had the chance to speak to a couple University of Arizona alumni who now work as buyers and planners for DG. This opened my eyes to a whole new opportunity in a luxury fashion house job.



I completed an assistant buying internship last summer and realized I need a job that is passion driven. I have always worked hardest and best when I have been passionate about the subject I am working on. Hearing the employees from Dolce and Gabbana speak about how they are so passionate about the brand and the product, I knew a mono-brand job would be my best bet.


We also attended the NRF Big Show Student Program. Here, we listened to many keynote speakers, including Jo Malone; we had executives from retail companies rotate to our tables and answer our questions, and got a view into what technology is coming out to benefit the retail industry. My favorite part of this program was hearing Jo Malone speak. She talked about hardships she had faced and preserving through those to create amazing new products. She also gave us insight on how she got to where she is today. Hearing her story, I could relate my own to hers. This was such an inspiring keynote and a phenomenal way to end the program.



After our long tour days or Big Show days, we were let loose into the city. My roommates and I went ice skating at the Rockefeller Rink, tried almost every Irish pub for dinners, and explored my new favorite city. Who knows where my future will lead me, but if it is New York, you won’t be seeing me complaining!




09/ 05/ 2018

I Feel Pretty

As I am sure you’re all aware, I have no real end goal for this blog. Whether it serves as a platform for future employers to look at my experience or for it to serve as a little journal of mine; I want it to do one thing. I want it to make you smile. I hope this post does just that.

I left the movie theater about 20 minutes ago and immediately wanted to share some thoughts on the movie I just saw; I Feel Pretty. In the movie a woman named Renee (played incredibly by Amy Schumer) who lives in New York is shown as your everyday girl who has very low self esteem. Now, before I go any further I just want to openly admit to you that I too, have terrible self esteem. This movie is so intriguing to me because it says everything that us girls (and guys) are too shy and insecure to admit to the public. We all suffer from some kind of insecurity whether it be physical, emotional, or mental; we have all seen low self esteem in ourselves at some point.

The movie goes on to show that Renee hits her head in a SoulCycle class and wakes up feeling like she is the best thing since sliced bread. Wouldn’t we all love to just wake up one day and have all the self confidence in the world? She goes on to gain the dream life. Has a boyfriend, a hotter guy fawning over her, gets her dream job, and travels with millionaires. Who wouldn’t want that?! However, she’s gets too caught up in it and loses her close friends and confidence by the end of the movie.

Have you ever had a day where you woke up, looked in the mirror, and said, “Damn, I look fine today!”, because I know I have had a few of those mornings. Those are the best!!! However, personally the day comes to an end, I’ve eaten some food, I have slouched at a desk, and my face is all tired from studying then I look in the mirror and think “Oh geez, maybe you weren’t having as good of a day as you thought”.

Well to that I say no more! We need to stop looking at ourselves and becoming insecure. So what you had bread today and now you’re bloated? Does it matter that you accidentally skipped a workout today? And honestly, screw the guy that said he didn’t want to be with you anymore. You are worth every single amazing compliment that could be given.

We need to stick together and help each other rise up. Tell that girl in the cute dress that she is rocking that outfit well! If we start to lift each other up, there will be no more insecure girls not living their best lives because they’re too scared to go for it.

We need a society of strong women and men. The more positive things we say to each other and about each other will decrease the need to tear each other down. Remember, it costs you nothing to be kind.

21/ 04/ 2018

New York Networking Trip


I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Marketing New York Trek with the Eller College of Management. We visited 10 different marketing firms in the city and also went to an alumni mixer. The companies we visited were Jet.com, Abasi Rosborough, Sakara Life, Vayner Media, NBC Universal, Cognito, GAP Inc., Havas, Usabilla, and Simplifeye. All of the companies gave us an overview of the business runs and told us how recruiting works for their firm. The company I enjoyed the most would be Gap Inc. It helped reassure me that retail buying/merchandising was the right path for me. However, Vayner Media was a close second because I loved the company culture and the opportunities for growth as an employee there.

Vayner Media

When we visited GAP, we got a summary of four employees positions, recruiting tips and tricks, and a tour of the office/archive. Learning about the merchandising and buying roles helped me realize that that is something I am very passionate about and would love to do one day. I accepted an internship in LA for this summer as an assistant buyer intern for Ross, however, now that I have visited these companies in New York I have realized I may want to live on the east coast in the future. Being a merchandiser for a large retail company such as GAP or Ross is a dream of mine that I am excited to continue pursuing. Going on this networking trip with Eller was a great opportunity to help me solidify my career goals.

Gap Inc.

We also got the chance to explore the city on our own. A group of my friends and I went to the highline, Chelsea Market, Central Park, the MET, and Time Square. For only have 4 days in the city I think we did a good job of hitting most of the stuff that a NY tourist trip would cover. I am so glad I decided to apply for this trip and so thankful Eller chose me to go with them.

Thank you to Eller for continually giving us the opportunities to network and find our dream jobs.

24/ 10/ 2017

Fashion Industry Experience

I worked for an online personal stylist company called Wishi for a year. In this year I was chosen as the #1 stylist on the website and chosen to have one of my outfits put into an online magazine called Elite Daily. Here is a picture of the outfit that was put into the magazine:

This outfit was inspired by Coachella and won “Best Outfit to Wear to a Festival”. Included in the magazine article was a competition for the readers. If they followed the social media accounts of both Wishi and Elite Daily they won this outfit. It was so much fun being able to show off my styling skills and have people enter to win my outfit!

24/ 01/ 2016

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is beautiful. I haven’t traveled around the world much but out of the places I have been to, Costa Rica was definitely one of my favorites. A big reason it was a favorite of mine is because not only did I get to go with 25 of my best friends, I also go the opportunity to serve the Lord while I was there. It technically was a missions trip but to me it felt like a loving vacation with my best pals. I did go on this trip a little less than a year ago but I still think of it daily. So here are a few pictures that I captured for this amazing trip.

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