12/ 01/ 2016

Saying Goodbye to 2015

2015 was full of amazing memories. I am so blessed to have such amazing friends and family to have spent this past year with. I will always cherish these memories. I thought that you all may be interested in seeing what went on in my life this past year! So here goes nothing!

January 2015:


I went to Sedona with my amazing boyfriend.


I also hiked a ton this month.

February 2015:


My Pom team and I went to Nationals in Disney and were ranked 25th in the Nation in Small Division Pom. I know that doesn’t sound all that fabulous, but we are a tiny Christian school so being 25th in the nation out of hundreds of teams was amazing!


I went to Sadies and danced the night away with my best friends and my boy toy of course.


And of course Valentine’s day happened!

March 2015:



This month I was able to go to Costa Rica on a mission trip with almost my whole grade! It was an amazing experience and I wish I could go back and do it all again. (Costa post coming soon!)


I also went to Sedona with my boyfriend and his family.


April 2015:


This was an exciting month because I got to go to prom! The dress I wore was a Sherri Hill and it was gorgeous.


I also got to go to California with the rest of the Senior class. This is my best friend Jordan.

May 2015:



June 2015:

june2 June

I was blessed to be able to have gone to this camp for four years in a row. This was sadly my last year at Kivu but I will forever cherish the memories I made.

July 2015:


I visited the house that was in the intro to Full House in San Francisco!


I also was lucky enough to have gone to One by Cirque Du Soleil! This is my boyfriend (left) and his brother (right).

August 2015:


I went to Dallas, Texas with my parents and this was the view form our hotel!


I moved into my dorm at college! This was a big change for me but I have learned to love it.

September 2015:


I made the most amazing group of friends. I love all of them so much.


My roommate and I became the best of friends. I am so blessed to be living with her.

October 2015:


Zach and I celebrated our Two year anniversary! We went to a pumpkin patch and carved (or at least tried to) a pumpkin!oct2

I went to my first college party on Halloween. Gotta love new experiences haha!

November 2015:


Thanksgiving. Duh.

December 2015:


Had the best talk with my best friend just sitting in their car in a parking garage. They made me giggle the entire night.


My hometown friends and I stayed up almost all night and watched silly movies.

Heres to a FAB 2016. I hope you all have the best year ever and I would love to hear how your 2015 went! Where did you travel to? Celebrate any fun things? What are you looking forward to most for the next year?


love God. love others.

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